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Smurfum Airsoft

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About Us
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Airsoft is the way too be.

Hey there! We are a bunch of friends in Edmond, Oklahoma that get together on the weekend and shoot each other with airsoft guns. We go out in woods in full gear, AEG;s (Auto Electric Guns), Gas guns, and go all out war! Sounds fun,eh?

We started airsofting about 2 years ago. It was just the widow maker, The Green Smurf, and Ice Man. We had PT92's. You know the little 130 fps hand pistel that can only go 30 feet. Than sick boy came and fletcher. Than we moved up too sping pistels such as the deagle(desert eagle), that shot at about 230 fps. Than more and more people came and we slowly got better guns and here we are today with 20 People and most of us with gas or AEGs.


Sick boy and the Green Smurf ready for battle.

What a sport!