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Tokyo Marui SR16
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Tokyo Marui Night's SR16 Edit Text

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Power Source
Metal Parts

Tokyo Marui

Large Battery

Version 2 Gearbox

  Rail Interface System
  Outer Barrel
  Front Sight
  Flip Up Sight
  Charging Handle
  Selector Switch
  Magazine Release
  Sling Swivel
  Butt Cap
  Ejection Port
Fire Modes
EG 1000
Semiautomatic/Full Auto
Rate of Fire
250-295 fps
700 to 850 rounds/min
Barrel Length
Magazine Capacity
Low-Cap 68, Hi-Cap 300
Appearance: This gun is very intimidating and stylish. It is solid black and has many rail systems. It gets quite heavy with add ons. With add ons and with a battery and full magazine I would say it's about 8lbs.  It hits in your hands pretty well and is overall balanced. It also has an under handle.
Performance: In battle, it seems to be accurate, good rof, and comfortable. But it does get heavy, especially after a full day of skirmishing. It's really good to have a scope on and snipe people.  If you upgrade it, the gun becomes like pretty much twice as better.
Pros: Nice looking, intimidating, accurate, good rof.
Cons: Heavy, bit long, bit over balanced if accessories added. One problem that we ran into was the gears. They ussually strip after about 50,000rds. We really have experienced with all TM m16s. Not really a big deal, gears are replacable or just order it pre upgraded so the parts including the gears will last much longer.
Battery Type: Large
Appearance: 9/10
Balance: 8.5/10
Accuracy: 9/10
Reliabiliy: 8/10
Mag. change: 9/10
Overall: 8.75/10
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